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Future Forest 2017 Applications

Want to become more involved with Future Forest? Each year we grow and find new and exciting ways to make the experience better for everyone because someone like yourself wanted to do more.

In 2016 we had over 400 artists, volunteer and staff that were selected through our application process. Our managers went through hundreds of applications and spent countless hours organizing and scheduling each person. This resulted in us having 8 different spreadsheets with all the data that we collected from last year.

Since we could only accommodate a portion of the applicants many people who wanted to be a part of future forest were left out. As well many artists who we did book were not promoted as much as we wanted because of the amount of information we had to input into our website and social media.

To solve this and many other challenges we created Future Pass which grants access to our system which features:

  • -Holographic Membership Card (no more waste created by lanyards and printing each year)
  • -Members forums (allowing you to ask questions and get involved in discussions)
  • -Artist profiles
  • -Ability to apply to year round shows
  • -Mobile volunteer check in’s
  • -QR code food vouchers
  • -Integrated application forms
  • -Social network
  • -Integrated feedback (give us feedback on how we did to improve right from our website)
  • -Eliminated volunteer deposits
  • -Discounts to shows and merchandise
  • -Other artist volunteer and member perks

*Future Passs required for all applications except vendor and media