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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy tickets?

You can buy tickets on our website under the SHOP tab.

Tickets have also been printed and we will be announcing locations to purchase them in Halifax, Saint John, Fredericton, Moncton + more locations.

What is a Future Pass?

A Future Pass is a lifetime membership that allows to connect with other members, reduces the cost of tickets to Future events, and gives you the ability to apply to all of the applications available on our website.

Do I need a Future Pass to buy tickets?

No you do not, but it does give you access to special discounts, events and members area.

I bought a physical ticket, how do I buy early entry/parking pass/RV pass?

You can purchase these things online separate to a ticket.

If any parking passes are left they will be available for purchase at the door for 40.00$ CAD

Why do we have to pay for parking?

Parking inside the campground is limited in order to encourage carpooling, maximize space and pay for campground usage we need to charge this fee. Parking passes are not mandatory; however, parking location may be a little distance from camping.

Are RV lots serviced?

Our new venue does not have septic or water hookups at this time. We plan on providing power access.

Can we arrive early?

Early entry on Thursday for camping is 40.00$ CAD per person.  Early entry passes can be purchased online or at the gate. Gates will be open from 12pm to 10pm.

What time do the gates open on Friday?

The gates open at 10am for weekend passes.

Can we reserve a campsite?

Unfortunately due to our venue change it is not possible to reserved campsites this year.

Can I leave the campground and return during the festival?

It is possible to leave the campground during the festival; however, we strongly discourage this due to increased traffic, danger to pedestrians and drinking & driving.  Also, a $10 per vehicle re-entry fee will be charged.

Do you have an ATM?

Yes, the ATM will be located inside the Vendor Village.

Is camping included?

Yes, camping is included in your ticket price; however, the parking fee for inside campground is not included.  You may camp for 10$ per person per night after the festival.

What items are not allowed?
  • Glass containers
  • Pets
  • Illegal items
  • Weapons
  • Bad Attitudes
Do you have food, or can I bring my own?

Yes, we have food vendors including vegetarian options. It is also possible to bring your own food if you choose.

What happens if I bring glass?

Your glass container will be confiscated at the gate.

Will security search my vehicle?

Yes, all vehicles entering the campground will be searched.

Can I bring my child(ren)?

Children are allowed if they are accompanied by parents in the family camping area.

Can I bring pets?

No, pets are not allowed due to the danger to your pet.

I'm a musician, how can I play at Future Forest?

Applications are accepted early in year (deadline end of February). If you are interested in performing it is required that you get involved with the festival and purchase a Future Pass.

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